Florida foreclosures reach ‘Category 5’

by Florida Today
Feb 27, 2012

Already facing overloaded dockets of criminal and civil cases, Florida’s court system is getting hit by a deluge of foreclosures that could tie up the state’s legal system for years to come, according to nationally ...

Florida Has the Nation’s Highest Foreclosure Inventory

By Paul Owers
Feb 8, 2012

Florida has the nation’s highest foreclosure inventory, according to a report Wednesday from CoreLogic, a California research firm. Roughly 12 percent of all homes with a mortgage in the Sunshine State were in some stage ...

Reassessing Property Taxes

By Alyssa Abkowitz
Jan 20, 2012

With home values falling, many owners are counting on a tax break. So why are county assessors making it harder than ever to get one? The scene is all too familiar: A tax attorney in ...

Business is being hurt by many flawed property appraisals

By Bill Spinner
Jan 10, 2012

As Mayor Alvin Brown makes progress in streamlining Jacksonville city government, the independent Property Appraiser’s Office could also use several improvements. First, real estate valuations to determine taxes on commercial properties are often inflated. This ...

American dream of homeownership declining

By Doug Sword
Oct 28, 2011

If homeownership is the American dream, that dream is slipping away—and more rapidly in Florida and in Southwest Florida than across the nation. The dream also is getting more crowded, with household sizes in owner-occupied ...

Alachua County had highest average countywide property taxes in the state

By Christopher Curry
Oct 2, 2011

In the home of the Florida Gators, No. 1 in football is something to aspire to. No. 1 in highest property tax rates is probably not as lofty a goal. Typically among the counties with ...

Senate sends property tax cut to 2012 ballot

By the Tampa Bay Buzz
May 4, 2011

Despite warnings that the inequities in Florida’s property tax system will only get worse, the Florida Senate voted Wednesday to ask voters to decide whether to lower taxes for second home owners, commercial properties and ...

Voters given chance to lower property taxes again

By Mary Ellen Klas
May 4, 2011

TALLAHASSEE — Florida voters will have a chance to reduce property taxes for first-time home buyers, commercial property owners and snowbirds under a constitutional amendment the Florida Senate voted Wednesday to put on the November ...

Homeowners balk as property tax bills stay high

By Paul Wiseman
Mar 30, 2011

Javier Hyland was furious when he got his latest property tax bill from Miami-Dade County. First, the county put the value of his ocean-view apartment at $417,000. He can’t see any way the place is ...

Florida’s home vacancy rates, No. 1 in nation, are drag on recovery

By Robert Trigaux
Mar 22, 2011

Florida has roughly half the population of California, but more vacant houses. In fact, Florida, has more vacant houses — 1,567,778, more than one out of every six — than any state in the country. ...

Florida’s Property Taxes Go Wacky in Housing Slump

By Tim Padgett
Jun 29, 2009

In Palm Beach County, buyers who find fire-sale bargains at foreclosed-home auctions — picking up, say, $400,000 houses for $100,000 or less — are realizing they’re required in many cases to pay the same property ...

Obscure Florida rule hits property tax cuts

By Bill Kaczor
Sep 15, 2008

The Associated Press TALLAHASSEE - Michael McKenna was baffled by his property tax assessment this year. The market value of his Longwood home fell by nearly $52,000, yet its taxable value increased by 3 percent—about ...

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