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Florida foreclosures reach ‘Category 5’

by Florida Today

Already facing overloaded dockets of criminal and civil cases, Florida’s court system is getting hit by a deluge of foreclosures that could tie up the state’s legal system for years to come, according to nationally prominent lawyer. “It’s Florida’s Category 5 foreclosure hurricane,” said Kendall Coffey, a legal expert and author of “Foreclosures in Florida,” a book he discussed during a Space Coast Tiger Bay ...

Florida Has the Nation’s Highest Foreclosure Inventory

By Paul Owers

Florida has the nation’s highest foreclosure inventory, according to a report Wednesday from CoreLogic, a California research firm. Roughly 12 percent of all homes with a mortgage in the Sunshine State were in some stage of foreclosure as of December, virtually unchanged from a year ago. New Jersey is second (6.4 percent) and Illinois third (5.4 percent). The national average is 3.4 percent. About 17 ...